ATT – Start with Xtended and add Xfce4 to your system

Xtended has been created to promote Tiling Window Managers but Openbox can still be uncomfortable.

Let us install Xfce4 via the ATT.

July 2021 we downgrade xorg-server for Xfce4 and VirtualBox. Real metal installations are not affected.

If you have an error in our ArcoLinux Tweak Tool or ATT you start the tool from the terminal.


Pacman will/might give a clue why the installation has failed.

There are so many reasons why it can go wrong. Analysis is then required.

Packages not present, conflicting packages, Arch Linux server down, ArcoLinux server down, key issues,...

Removing the desktop can be achieved by removing the most important packages.

It is not always possible for example with Plasma. Then you do a clean install.

You can use our cheatsheet to know what packages to remove

sudo pacman -R ...

sudo pacman -Rs ...