Build the Arch Linux iso yourself – installation on BIOS – EXT3 – Lightdm – cutefish

We were waiting for the new Arch Linux to be released on the 1st of July.

I thought lets build the Arch Linux iso ourselves and test it out before the official one is on the website.

We used this command to build the iso – you need to change the pathway and create folders or not.

sudo mkarchiso -v -w /home/erik/Desktop/build/ -o /home/erik/Desktop/out/ /home/erik/Desktop/archiso/configs/releng/

We show you how to install Arch Linux with

  • BIOS
  • root and swap
  • EXT3
  • Xorg and Lightdm
  • Cutefish

In next video we compare our Arch Linux iso with the new offical Arch Linux iso from the website.

They have the exact same packages.

We show you how to build your own Arch Linux iso.

Then we install Arch Linux with

  • UEFI
  • archinstall script
  • EXT4
  • Lightdm
  • Mate