In the near future you will be installing your very own desktop environment, applications and themes from the ground up.

We will need to type in a lot of commands before everything is installed.

What if there is a way to keep track of all those commands

What if there is a way to keep your configuration files online…

What if there is a way to re-install your personal configurations very fast

I can only recommend you use and learn to work with Github.

I can give you a quick and easy way to set up your own personal github.

Use only two scripts to maintain your github

This tutorial is intended for the usage of github for just one person. No collaboration with others.

Why do I need a github?

  • Easy and quick installation in ArcoLinuxD and Arch Linux
  • It is a backup system for you.
  • Moving from pc to pc and syncing the latest work via github.
  • You can easily share files with others.
  • Some distros make installing from github very easy – like Arch Linux
  • Communicate with others via github.
  • Github has a system to follow up issues.
  • More visibility for your projects.

What can I share on github?

  1. files
  2. scripts
  3. icons
  4. themes
  5. config files
  6. settings from applications

Newer tutorial – December 2022


We made this video to be an all-inclustive video from A to Z.
Content of the video
  • creation of a gmail account –
  • we use the code and configs from here –
  • .git/config file is super important
  • setup-git file needs to reflect your credentials
  • we create an ssh key – zip the .ssh folder and keep it safe (not online)
  • add our key to the agent
  • put the ssh pub key online in your github account settings


Since this tutorial we can not push code with our password anymore.

Read this and follow the new recommended way.

Now to make your very first repository

You only need two scripts

Get the files from the instruction video with git clone in a terminal.

git clone

Then change the name and email like in the video.