Get AUR helpers for any Arch Linux based system

AUR helpers will come and go. We have had our fair share already – packer and yaourt.

We have Yay and Trizen to help us install applications from the Arch User Repository or AUR.

Installing in a desktop environment

Use the snapshot from AUR

Installing in a terminal or TTY

The easiest way to get the files you need to build a package from AUR is via

Git clone the url

You just need to know the url.

git clone

Then we make the package with


and install it with

sudo pacman -U yay-bin...

This is the more difficult way but will work just fine too.

Instead of getting all the files with git clone we get just one – the PKGBUILD. That does not work for every package.

Sometimes we do not have a desktop environment.

So know your shortcuts.

CTRL + ALT + F2 or F3 … will give you the TTY

Right CTRL + F2 or F3 … will give you the TTY on VirtualBox

First we figure out the url of the PKGBUILD. – plain!!

Use wget or curl to get the PKGBUILD.


Then make the package using makepkg.

Then we install the created package with

sudo pacman -U ...

Use the ArcoLinux repo
Use the ArcoLinux Spices Application

When you are moving to Phase 5 (installing Arch Linux the Arch Way) and you want to install packages from ArcoLinux, you will need the ArcoLinux Spices Application.

Many videos have been created to show you how it is done. You can see them all here.

Why would you add repos of ArcoLinux to a vanilla Arch installation?

  • install yay and trizen from the ArcoLinux repo (just another alternative to get AUR helpers in)
  • save time and energy
  • you want to have the config of i3, bspwm, awesome, xmonad, …
  • you want the conkies of ArcoLinux
  • you want the many colored Arc themes

We call these downloads and installations on Arch Linux

 Getting the spices from ArcoLinux

Search for the word “spice” on our youtube channel to learn more.