Help us to make calamares or the installer better and help yourself and others in the process

Calamares is our installer and it is a super tool to install any linux distributions with a graphical interface.

They face the same or similar challenges as any developer :

  • calamares changes
  • dependencies of calamares change
  • hardware dependent issue
  • new hardware

That is why we take it up ourselves to make Calamares better and give them feed-back how to improve Calamares.

On the forum we have a specific post to report all installation or calamares specific issues.

Report it here.

Make calamares better for yourself and we all will benefit from it  – that is our vision and goal.

We would like you to give us

  • an image of the error – high resolution – meaning readable
  • start calamares from terminal with sudo calamares -d
  • give version of calamares from terminal with sudo calamares -v

Then we, Arcolinux, will make an official post on the github and from there Calamares teammembers will communicate with you on the forum to find out what is going wrong and in the process we all will learn more about linux and calamares.

There are other articles in this help section that can help you communicate the message.

You can use to copy/paste the terminal messages and share them on the forum or you can copy/paste the terminal messages directly on the forum between code tags.