How to add the ArcoLinux spices to your Arch Linux system

 ArcoLinux Spices Application or ASA has gone through many changes.
We started with scripts and moved to an app to start the same scripts.

Want to install ArcoLinux packages on an Arch Linux system…

follow this link for more information and to download ASA.

We will always keep the scripts up-to-date on all the ArcoLinuxD githubs.

At some point you would like to go to phase 5 and do an Arch Linux clean install from scratch.

You will find out that there are a lot of ‘lego blocks’ to install. There are also many little tweaks and configs that make your ArcoLinux system what it is.

At some point you may want to get these configurations from ArcoLinux and ‘merge’ them with your Arch Linux installation.

We call that “getting the spices of ArcoLinux“.

In order to be able to download the ArcoLinux packages, you need to run the Arch Way scripts. Scripts will vary in the future. It is continuously maintained for our users.

Pick a github and run the scripts inside the folder Arch Way.

git clone