How to change the menu in openbox with obmenu-generator

ArcoLinux has a generated menu out of the box. The advantage is that any installed or uninstalled will immediately have effect on your menu. No manual editing required. You can even have a menu with icons if you want to.

What if you want to change the menu from language?

Parts of the menu are generated and will be in your language but parts are just plain text and will not change with it.

You need to know where these files are so you can change them. They are in


Two files are important: and

In the tutorial we will be changing and replace it with applications and the language you want. Look up the name of the icon in /usr/share/icons.

Part of the menu is coming from obmenu-generator. The language is coming from the files inside /usr/share/applications.

We will talk about all the possibilities to make 4 obmenu-generated menu’s

  1. generate a pipe menu
  2. generate a static menu
  3. generate a pipe menu with icons
  4. generate a static menu with icons

If you change the icons, you will need to refresh the icons in the menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember
get obmenu