How to theme ArcoLinux i3 any way you want

When you logoff from Openbox or Xfce and log back in to i3 you will see that i3 is going to use the settings from openbox/xfce to set icons, themes and cursors. ~/.gtkrc-2.0 is one of these files.

You will find the themes, fonts, icons etc…

The other to keep in mind is in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

Working on i3 is very powerfull if you have a dual monitor.

I will explain how to fix (or in my case how to break) the setup for my dual monitor.

We will show you that you have 7 kinds of toolbar to set.

Just use the hashtag and press the shortcut to reload.

79 themes for Termite – we quickly change the theme back to the original look.

We fix an issue with can’t read temp. Temp3 did exist but it is the folder that must be set correct.

You can use different colours in i3 – we provide you already with 3 colouring themes and a great tip.

Use atom and the package pigment inside atom to edit these colours.

Lxappearance is the tool to set themes, icons and cursors.  

We will get rid of the conky if we know all the keyboard shortcuts.  

We can change our wallpapers via variety or nitrogen.


Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember

SupER + Shift + R

Restart i3 with new config