Installing nemo is quite simple. If you used the amd scripts it is already installed.

sudo pacman -S nemo

Then you set nemo as the default application via “exo-preferred-application” or via the menu “Preferred Applications” if it is not already set.

How to get a preview of images?
There is a treshold to change.

RIGHT mouse click on nemo
terminal does not open

Solution 1

Nemo expects gnome-terminal to be installed so install it with

sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal

Tip : there is also a transparent gnome-terminal called “gnome-terminal-transparency


Solution 2

We want the standard terminal “Termite” on Nemo.

We found the solution on the wiki of Arch Linux at

gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.default-applications.terminal termite

RIGHT mouse click on nemo
add compress and extract

There are more nemo extensions
Type “sudo pacman -S nemo-”
and press twice on tab