When you install software on your computer, you type in the terminal

sudo pacman -S ... 
yay -S ...

When you write these commands in a file and make it executable, you get a script.

Scripts are there to assist us when we re-install ArcoLinuxD or Arch Linux.

They get the job done while we do something else.

need to know

The numbering of the scripts will change over time.

The content of the scripts will change over time.

The scripts in the video will differ from the scripts on the github.

Applications from AUR will fail. Nothing to do with ArcoLinux.

Applications from AUR can be edited in order to get them installed OR wait for a few days. Check the AUR website for more information from the maintainer and/or users.

Scripts are there to give you freedom. Change them to your liking. Add more applications. Hashtag out other lines.

Use github or other services to back up your personal scripts to be reused at a later time.

Script will HALT if there is a problem. Put a hashtag (#) before this code “set -e” and it will skip the problem and install the rest. Then analyze the problem.