2 Where is the Spectrwm configuration and how to make minor changes


Spectrwm is a tiling window manager. Check out the website. You can get more information on the Arch Wiki.

We need to know a file and a folder for Spectrwm

  • ~/.config/spectrwm
  • ~/.spectrwm.conf

Polybar is going to be our menu at the top. You can read all the articles about polybar here.

I need to set my keyboard to azerty…. I need to do much more. That is covered in this article.

We go over all the components.



Picom (used to be be compton) has 3 big parts in its file.

  • Shadow
  • Opacity
  • Fading

We have an Arch Wiki page to learn even more.

Choose glx or xrender. Only if you have trouble with your graphical hardware.

Keyboard shortcut settings

Sxhkd is a simple X hotkey daemon. There is an Arch Wiki page to read all about it.
You can also checkout its github.

We use it to make sure that CTRL + ALT + T opens a terminal and many other keyboard shortcuts.

In order for it to work we launch the sxhkd (d=daemon) in autostart.

The files needs to be in some kind of syntax.

  • If it starts with #, it is ignored.
  • If it starts with one or more white space commands, it is read as a command.
  • Otherwise, it is parsed as a hotkey: each key name is separated by spaces and/or + characters.

All the keyboard shortcuts you know, will be the same in all our desktops.