We continue to make articles about ArcoLinuxD and about its many many desktops.

We started creating articles about desktops in a certain order.

Hence the numbering.

But ad hoc we keep writing articles and keep numbering them.

WHAT CAN BE SAID ABOUT The numbering of articles

We want to provide you with a logical order of things per desktop.

1 is the installation

and so on.

Sometimes the numbering is not consecutive from 0,1,2,3, …


Since WordPress works with dates, the older articles will come last and the most recent posts will come on top. When we start writing everything is consecutive.

But then we want to update one of the articles.

We want you to be aware that a post has been updated since last time you read it. So after an update of the post we will change the edit date and it will move to the top of the list.

There is no other way then to make you, the reader, aware of this.

Some articles have the ending – any desktop?

Some of the articles I have written in the past are meant to be used on any desktop. They are grouped into a category called anydesktop. Theming your termite terminal is an example. That article is written for Budgie, i3, xfce, openbox, … and all the other desktop environments we will create in the future. You can now find them in two menus. They point to exactly the same category.


Some articles start with the same number

You can see articles that start with the same number but they have been written for another desktop. 

When you read the articles per desktop, the numbering should be unique. As always in life there are exceptions like the plasma challenge of November 2018.


ANY DESKTOP – means that article
can be applied on any desktop environment

Look for article 1

and work your way back up